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More than ever, the average worker is required to sit for extended periods. This has led to an alarming increase in such health problems a back pain, repetitive stress injuries (RSI) and muscle fatigue. Despite this trend, the vitally important office chair has remained essentially unchanged. Today, however, an American company offers ergonomic seating designed to address these health concerns.

Originally conceived to meet the exacting needs of U.S. microsurgeons, this design is manufactured and marketed as BodyBilt Seating. BodyBilts unique system of seat contour and 10-Point Posture Control emphasizes a healthier posture for jobs ranging from the cleanroom to the boardroom. This active ergonomic design promotes an open posture that has been shown to significantly reduce muscular stress.
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In an environment where sixty percent of all occupational illnesses are due to RSI, and forty percent of all recorded absences are due to back pain, the importance of healthy, comfortable seating has never been greater. Each line of BodyBilt seating is designed to reduce the stresses and discomforts associated with prolonged sitting and do so for a variety of body types and work tasks.

Tested and proven in use by health professionals, small businesses, government agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations, BodyBilt Seating has been developed to accommodate the varying demands of the modern workplace. The BodyBilt collection meets, and often exceeds, the current ergonomic standards in seating design, from ANSI-HFS 100-88 to those proposed by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration.)

Studies of NASA Astronauts in a gravity-free environment reveal that in its most relaxed state, the body assumes a trunk-to-thigh angle of approximately 128 degrees. This posture, known as the natural, or zero gravity posture, places the musculoskeletal system in its most relaxed state. BodyBilts system of ten ergonomic adjustments was developed to allow each user to approximate this same stress-free posture for extended periods of time.

Independent electromyography (EMG) studies show that by approximating this natural body position, the BodyBilt system relieves tension in key muscle groups (including muscles in the lower back, neck, shoulders, and forearm) by as much as 75%. This reduction in muscle tension translates directly into safer, more comfortable seating. Additionally, improvements in productivity have been documented among organizations using BodyBilt Seating.

In comparison with other leading chairs, BodyBilt continually scores high marks for comfort. At a leading computer manufacturer, 88 engineers studied 34 leading chairs. BodyBilt outscored its closest competitor by nearly a 3 to 1 margin. In another study by a top aircraft manufacturer, BodyBilt scored in excess of 92% in favorableness, including criteria of comfort, quality, and function. The closest competitor scored less than 45%.

Impressive increases in productivity have been found when BodyBilt Seating is compared with standard office seating. A study by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service demonstrated an average productivity increase of 8% due to the use of BodyBilt chairs. Similarly, research by a Fortune 100 company showed a 10% increase in productivity by using BodyBilt Seating, documented by improvements in project turnaround.

Why BodyBilt Seating? In a few words, there is simply no comparison.

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